Clothing for Overweight Women

February 20, 2010

What you wear says a lot about you and even if you are not a size two, you can still find trendy, affordable clothing that looks good and makes you feel good inside and out. Finding clothing for overweight women is not very difficult if you know where to look.

When searching for plus size clothing you do have options. First, you must consider your budget. Of course, you can visit the high-priced retail stores and pay top dollar, but you do not have too. With designers and other retails becoming more conscious of the plus size women, they are creating more fashionable pieces for women who do not fit the typical 0-12 sizes.

There are a few things to remember when shopping for clothing:

-Tight clothing is not attractive. Some women have the misconception that tighter is better. This is a big no-no. This gives the muffin top effect that produces bulges that are not very attractive.

-Baggy clothing does not hide your weight. Wearing loose fitting clothing does not act as a cover up; it only makes you appear older.

-Undergarments. Proper fitting undergarments are essential to your overall look. This prevents panty lines and unsightly bulges in your mid section.

No two bodies are alike and it is important to know what types of clothing will accentuate the positives while downplaying the flaws. For instance, if you are pear shaped you should choose clothing that accentuates your upper body such as fancy necklines or bright colors and balance this with solid dark colored pants or skirts. If you are heavier on the top, you should do the opposite; select clothing that accentuates your bottom while downplaying your upper body. Wide leg jeans with intricate designs are always a good choice. If you carry most of your weight in the mid section select dresses or tops that camouflage this area.

Being conscious of your body type and finding pieces that hide your flaws will make you look better and feel better. Whether you choose to visit your local mall, the discount retail stores, or shop online; finding clothing for overweight women should not be a chore but fun and exciting.

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